Better Options Consulting International  was founded in 2012 by its Owner/Manager David M Sanders whose 30 years of international contracting and financial experience have succeeded in penetrating lucrative markets with a focus on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In late 2015 Better Options Consulting International LLC (BOCILLC) was formed to respond to successful growth of core business activities.

Key to the success of BOCILLC is the use of customized cultural strategies developed and guided by the Gerte Hofstede principles and seasoned international professionals.

BOCILLC participates with and promotes compliance with legal statutes worldwide and promotes the enforcement of the following statutes specifically:

  • Anti-Money Laundering,
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,
  • National Industrial Security Program,
  • PATRIOT Act,
  • Office of Foreign Asset Controls,
  • Technology Cooperation Agreements,
  • Trade Treaties and Export Laws and Controls of the United States.